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Last Minute Fall Shipping!

Not done stocking your store for the Holiday Rush? Did you run out of product earlier than expected! Don’t fret! Total Accessories is here to help with a variety of brands still offering great gift items.

Galleria Monet


Galleria umbrellas and ponchos are always a fantastic pick when it comes to gifts. The reverse-close umbrella is a hot item right now in the gift world! Galleria offers fine art prints of famous paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, and more. Not only for the art lover, stained glass prints come in gorgeous, rich colors, and solids round out the assortment so a solid black reverse-close umbrella is just the ticket for a men’s gift.


Coco Rust Sweater


Coco + Carmen still has stock left for Fall! The ridiculously popular OMG Jeans are back in stock in dark wash denim after being sold out for much of August and September. Comfortable and stylish sweaters, Coco + Carmen’s forte, are also in high demand, so pick up what you can right now by calling or emailing our showroom today!

Vivi Red Poncho


Of course, the most re-ordered item in the entire showroom are Vivi ponchos. Coming in pretty much every single color of the rainbow, these acrylic ponchos are a complete no-brainer at $13 a piece. They come in packs of 2 per color and are a reasonable buy for all seasons; in the summer, they protect from arctic air conditioning blasts, and in the winter, they are a major part of any ensemble for the cold weather.


Once again, stop by our showroom on the 7th floor of Building 3 at the AmericasMart, or call us at 800-333-8682.

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