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Next up – Valentine’s Day!

We are at the point of the year when Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, seem to eclipse all other holidays. But, we must be careful to keep the next heavy hitting holidays in mind! Valentine’s day is up next, and it’s never too early to start ordering gift items for all the lovers out there.¬†Total Accessories can help your customers share the love with enticing products¬†from your favorite vendors! Here are a few of our picks:

Cool and Interesting jewelry, known as CAI, has amazing picks year-round for gift jewelry! With unique initial necklaces in both gold and silver, an easily customized gift is right here at your fingertips. Their jewelry is sold in prepacked assortments, and also in single packs to make re-orders a cinch. Pictured to the left is a Message Bar Necklace – each necklace has script on the outside, and a special message on the inside that can be revealed by turning the necklace upside down. This kind of unique piece is perfect for a cute little Valentine’s gift! Wholesale on the necklaces is $12.50 in minimums of 2, and assortments are available. For Galentine’s Day, or a sweet gift for your mom, CAI also offers “Best Friends” and “Best Mom Ever” necklaces for $12, wholesale!


For the lady in your life who cannot live without a new handbag every so often, Mary Frances has the Mary Frances V Dayperfect hand-beaded accessories! Thankfully, these bags feature adorable novelty designs, and there are PLENTY to choose from for Valentine’s Day, alone! The cross body bags are the exact size you need to carry a cell phone, your lipstick, and a change purse – everything you need when you leave the house. These wholesale for around $33, on average! Hearts, flowers, wine, and more designs leave you with plenty to choose from. To complete your boutique’s fabulous collection of lovely Mary Frances bags, also try the Temptations Heart Shaped Box of Candy novelty handbag! Who needs actual chocolate when you can carry chocolates every day on your bag? Fun and funky, and $135 wholesale and pictured below.Mary Frances Temptations


Call Pam or Janet today at Total Accessories to place an order – 800.333.8682.

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