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Giving Back

At the Link Companies, we have two charities that we support with every order, every time: Wellspring Living and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! Take a look at this video to see more about WHY we give back:

Anju Artisans


In addition to our charities, The Link Companies and Total Accessories work with many vendors that also consider “giving back” one of their priorities. Anju Jewelry is a vendor that includes this idea in their company’s mission statement. They are a 100% sustainable jewelry brand that has been working with the same groups of local artisans in India for over 13 years! These artisans use traditional techniques to hand-make beaded and metal jewelry, and block print the fabrics used for the bags. Anju is committed to creating hope for artisans and their families through economic empowerment.


Please remember that every time you place an order with any of our vendors, The Link and Total Accessories give a portion of the proceeds to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Wellspring Living. Every Order, Every Time!

NEW Product!

Springtime is time for growth in both nature…and in our product lines! So, as you wait for the trees and flowers to bloom, check out what’s new at Total Accessories for our existing vendors! You may find some pleasant surprises.

First, Coco & Carmen by tgbBrands just released their Fall/Winter 2019 Pre-Order catalog! Shipments for the pre-order items will begin in early July. This is the absolute best way to get the products you want for your store without worrying about anything being out of stock or backordered. Last year at this time, Coco’s OMG Jeans flew out of the warehouse and onto store racks to become a huge hit with customers! Don’t miss out on current trends.


As for what we can expect, there are four trend stories that have emerged in Coco’s apparel: Lady Soul, Walking on Sunshine, Dusty in Memphis, and Electric Youth. There are some examples of each, in order, pictured above. Lady Soul is a smart, sophisticated look with deep colors, sleek lines, and faux fur. Walking on Sunshine is all about ultra-comfy, high-neck sweaters and casual pants in camo and denim. Dusty in Memphis is definitely sassy: embroidered denim, snake print, and edgy cropped flare pants. Electric Youth is what it says – playful, youthful colors like bright greens and pinks, slouchy sweaters, and fun denim! And because they are epicly popular, OMG Jeans are back in so many new styles.

To find out more information or place an order for any of these hot, new products, contact the Total Accessories Showroom, or order on our ecommerce site,!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy…

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching! This year, it is on Sunday, May 12th, and as Retailers, it’s best to make plans way ahead of time to make this holiday count as a memorable experience for your customers! This week, we have some tips on how to do just that. Because, after all, moms are the everyday heroes that deserve the best.

One excellent source of store participation is a contest. Encourage your customers to post pictures of their mothers (or other beloved women in their life who are moms) and tag the store on social media. Choose a prize and have a drawing in the store. This kind of technique encourages your customers to think about who they wish to buy a gift for in the first place, and why it’s important to honor this woman. It also encourages more social media and online engagement, as well as in store participation as they will need to come to your place of business to pick up their prize!

Anju Block printed bagsSpeaking of excellent presence on social media, Anju Jewelry is exemplary with their outreach to retail customers and wholesalers. This company gives opportunities to local artisans in India by having these experts craftsmen and women create the beautiful pieces that comprise their collection. And they don’t just have jewelry! One excellent idea for Mother’s Day is Anju’s Block Printed Bags. There is a large array of bag prints and styles, including crossbodies, ID pouches, duffle bags, and totes. Check out their frequently updated Instagram account here.

Continuing to boost online engagement, be sure to have a section on your website that highlights Mother’s Day gift ideas, just as you would have in the store.

Create an in-store display geared toward the holiday. This can be as simple as a table at the front of the store, or a section near the cash wrap that highlights some products that would work as Mother’s Day gifts. Fresh floral displays always help to make this area look beautiful and eye-catching. Use products you already sell in your store for this section as well. Journals, recipe boxes, mugs, jewelry…there are so many options! And don’t forget to include a touch of Mother’s Day in your window display. Advertise any specials or sales you may have going on for the occasion and products that match up to your in store display.

As always, you can purchase many of our products, including Anju, from our ecommerce site at, or you can contact Total Accessories for more information about ordering! We are open 5 days a week on Floor 7 of Building 3 at the Mart.


Lovable, On-Trend Fashion Accessories!

There are two major product lines that we LOVE to focus on at Total Accessories, especially around Valentine’s Day! Let’s celebrate GAL-entine’s Day by looking at Spring 2019 trends in fashion jewelry and handbags.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Spring and Summer 2019 jewelry trends, in contrast to the dainty necklaces we’ve seen in season’s past, are “playful and unapologetically bold!” Harper’s goes on to include categories of jewelry trends, including: blingy crystal (think crystal drop earrings), modern pearls (hoop earrings with pearl drops), 80’s hearts (heart-shaped earrings or large statement necklaces with a heart pendant), and “By the Sea” (jewelry accented with seashells).Coco Gold Heart Earrings

There is plenty to choose from at Total Accessories, particularly with tgbBrands’ Whispers jewelry line. One particular pair of earrings is on the “we love it” list – the Gold Heart with Silver Foil earrings. (This item is also sold as a Silver Heart with Gold foil).

Whispers Heart Earrings, Item #WN002029, $3.00 a pair, min. of 2.


Fitting right in with the classic, yet “not-your-mothers” pearls trend, are the Silver Pearl Filigree Dangle Earrings:

Whisper Pearl Earrings, Item #WN001742, $3.00 a pair, min. of 2.


Similarly to Harper’s jewelry trend list, Vogue has a handy list of “six need-to-know bag trends to keep you one step ahead this summer.” This lineup includes: elegant belt bags (very refined fannypacks), sleek black small to mid-sized handbags, 90’s revival (busy patterns, snakeskin, and tie-dye), the “super natural bag” (bags that are handmade or woven out of straw or fabric), XXL totes that can carry pretty much anything, and soft “pouchy” bags.

Cappelli Straworld, a standout vendor for handmade handbags, certainly has this portion of the trend covered. Known for straw bags with beaded handles and straw hats, Cappelli has a number of bags both big and small that fit within our Spring 2019 trend parameters. We are namely thinking of the Bonita bag, a hand crocheted tote with braided handles and shells.

Bonita Bag, SKU# BAG1132, $33 per bag.

It’s not hard to find trendy fashion accessories that fit the aforementioned lists. To grab any of the products mentioned, contact us at Total Accessories, stop by and see our showrooms in Building 3 of the Americasmart, or order on!

The Groundhog Predicts…

Hot off the press and straight from Punxsutawney, PA, home of the infamous, weather-predicting Groundhog: Punxsutawney Phil predicts AN EARLY SPRING! Read from a scroll, Phil decreed, “Faithful followers, there is no shadow of me and a beautiful spring it shall be!” We are excited for the warmth, but regardless of the groundhog’s predictions, we all know that there would be no spring flowers without some April showers. Which brings us to the obvious order for your store – Umbrellas!

Galleria Reverse Close Umbrella

Our top-selling line, Galleria, has standard umbrellas, but it’s the Reverse Close umbrellas that really stand out. Think about it – you’re running from a building to your car with bags and umbrella in hand. Once you get to your car, you sit down, umbrella still outside, and as you close the umbrella, all the rain sprays right back toward you! To avoid this problem, Galleria offers umbrellas that close by allowing the top to slide down first, essentially closing inverted and wicking the rain water away from your body. Not only are these extremely functional, but they are absolutely beautiful! Designed with famous art prints from impressionist painters like Monet and Van Gogh, these double-layered umbrellas will brighten any rainy day.

They display easily – hang them from the lighting fixtures in your store, or stand them up on the floor. Hang them on an arm extended from peg wall, with one standing in front to show off. Best yet, use them in Spring-themed window displays!

Reverse Close Umbrellas come in the Tall Stick style, and a Short Folding Umbrella. Both are $15 wholesale and come in 3 pieces per style.

All New Vendor at Total Accessories!

The January Gift Show is happening NOW at Americasmart in Atlanta, and Total Accessories is ready to wow you yet again! This time, we have a brand new vendor to show off – Alyn Vaughn!

Alyn Vaughn Power PoseThis is a brand with a mission! There statement is as follows:

“Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Alyn Vaughn launched in 2017 to broaden the narrative around higher education. Through student apprenticeships young adults learn skills and business acumen without the burden of college debt. On-the-job training provides pivotal 21st century skills such as critical thinking and creative problem solving. The pervasive story line in this country is that attending college is the only path to success. For some, this is true, but not for all. With college tuition rates at an all-time high, the need for alternative opportunities has never been greater. Alyn Vaughn is working to shift this narrative so that vocational school and apprenticeships are embraced as equally esteemed educational paths. For a high school student less inclined to attend college or vocational school, an apprenticeship could be the difference between poverty and realized potential.”

Stop by our Showroom – Building 3, Floor 7, right off the elevators! – to see more!

Next up – Valentine’s Day!

We are at the point of the year when Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, seem to eclipse all other holidays. But, we must be careful to keep the next heavy hitting holidays in mind! Valentine’s day is up next, and it’s never too early to start ordering gift items for all the lovers out there. Total Accessories can help your customers share the love with enticing products from your favorite vendors! Here are a few of our picks:

Cool and Interesting jewelry, known as CAI, has amazing picks year-round for gift jewelry! With unique initial necklaces in both gold and silver, an easily customized gift is right here at your fingertips. Their jewelry is sold in prepacked assortments, and also in single packs to make re-orders a cinch. Pictured to the left is a Message Bar Necklace – each necklace has script on the outside, and a special message on the inside that can be revealed by turning the necklace upside down. This kind of unique piece is perfect for a cute little Valentine’s gift! Wholesale on the necklaces is $12.50 in minimums of 2, and assortments are available. For Galentine’s Day, or a sweet gift for your mom, CAI also offers “Best Friends” and “Best Mom Ever” necklaces for $12, wholesale!


For the lady in your life who cannot live without a new handbag every so often, Mary Frances has the Mary Frances V Dayperfect hand-beaded accessories! Thankfully, these bags feature adorable novelty designs, and there are PLENTY to choose from for Valentine’s Day, alone! The cross body bags are the exact size you need to carry a cell phone, your lipstick, and a change purse – everything you need when you leave the house. These wholesale for around $33, on average! Hearts, flowers, wine, and more designs leave you with plenty to choose from. To complete your boutique’s fabulous collection of lovely Mary Frances bags, also try the Temptations Heart Shaped Box of Candy novelty handbag! Who needs actual chocolate when you can carry chocolates every day on your bag? Fun and funky, and $135 wholesale and pictured below.Mary Frances Temptations


Call Pam or Janet today at Total Accessories to place an order – 800.333.8682.

Christmas IMMEDIATE Shipping!

It’s the time of year when retail is nothing but hustle and bustle. Good thing Total Accessories has you covered with these awesome products that are all ready and waiting to ship to you IMMEDIATELY!

Galleria Poppies Reverse

Need a gift for Mom, Grandma, maybe even a man in your life? Galleria has reversible umbrellas that everyone wants! Get a solid color, like black (or red and black for the UGA fan) for the male recipient, and a beautiful art print for a lady’s gift! The unique thing about the reverse-close umbrellas are the ability to fully stay dry while closing them – the rain draws away from the body, rather than toward it. Throw it in your car and look stylish while you keep dry.

Anju Silver Necklace


Anju Jewelry is a company from Georgia that makes sustainable jewelry in India, employing local artisans that use traditional techniques. The result? Amazing silver and gold plated necklaces and earrings, the Aasha collection made of furniture fabric remnants and wooden beads, and even block-printed bags round out the product line. Anju also debuted a men’s collection last year, so they certainly have everyone on your list covered.

Vivi photo shoot

Hands down, the most reordered item in the Total Accessories showroom is the Vivi poncho. Sold in so many colors, this easy wrap will sell so fast you will definitely become part of that large reorder number the moment it hits your racks! It’s one size fits all, acrylic, and wholesales for only $13. Each color is sold in a pack of two. Be sure to look at the colors here and choose based on your store’s needs. Great for the cooler weather, but even better for throwing on over any outfit in cooler air-conditioned buildings and drafty houses.


Give us a call today – 404-523-4418 –  at Total Accessories to place an order for any of these items, all shipping RIGHT AWAY!

BIG NEWS from The Link Companies!


For Immediate Release: November 9, 2018
Contact: Brad Rosenkampff, Managing Partner


Atlanta, Ga – The Link Companies, a leading manufacturers’ representative agency in the gift, home accent, lifestyle apparel and fashion accessory sectors, announces the acquisition of a prominent sales agency and territory expansion. The Link Companies will now have complete representation in the Northeast through Nova Sales Associates and territory managers in Ohio.
Nova Sales Associates (NSA) has an outstanding history with four decades of sales and service across 6 states. Always been a “shining star” in this region, NSA is led by Drew Weisinger and Phil Wacks. The territory managers will continue under their guidance and join The Link Companies team offering a permanent home at the Atlanta markets. Over the course of the next year, NSA will transition to The Northern Link.
Weisinger: “We are thrilled to be merging with The Link Companies. It’s a perfect opportunity for two companies with similar cultures and respected brands along with a mutual vision and shared desire to grow, to join forces and help our retail and vendor partners succeed.”
The Link Companies also announces the hire of territory managers in Ohio, establishing a new agency called The Central Link. Kelly Morris will be VP of Sales for this new agency. “For decades we have worked with Ohioans in our showrooms and we can now offer exemplary service with our professionals on the road, in their stores. We are very excited about this announcement and welcome the opportunity for growth in the Buckeye State,” states Fred Rosenkampff, CEO/ Managing Partner of The Link Companies.

For more information, visit:
Brad Rosenkampff, CPO/Managing Partner 404.395.8031

The Link Companies
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Total Accessories-Don Mar Sales-Key Sales
The Northern Link-The Central Link

AmericasMart showrooms:
Bldg. 2/Gift Mart 16th floor, Bldg. 3/Apparel Mart 7th floor

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Last Minute Fall Shipping!

Not done stocking your store for the Holiday Rush? Did you run out of product earlier than expected! Don’t fret! Total Accessories is here to help with a variety of brands still offering great gift items.

Galleria Monet


Galleria umbrellas and ponchos are always a fantastic pick when it comes to gifts. The reverse-close umbrella is a hot item right now in the gift world! Galleria offers fine art prints of famous paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, and more. Not only for the art lover, stained glass prints come in gorgeous, rich colors, and solids round out the assortment so a solid black reverse-close umbrella is just the ticket for a men’s gift.


Coco Rust Sweater


Coco + Carmen still has stock left for Fall! The ridiculously popular OMG Jeans are back in stock in dark wash denim after being sold out for much of August and September. Comfortable and stylish sweaters, Coco + Carmen’s forte, are also in high demand, so pick up what you can right now by calling or emailing our showroom today!

Vivi Red Poncho


Of course, the most re-ordered item in the entire showroom are Vivi ponchos. Coming in pretty much every single color of the rainbow, these acrylic ponchos are a complete no-brainer at $13 a piece. They come in packs of 2 per color and are a reasonable buy for all seasons; in the summer, they protect from arctic air conditioning blasts, and in the winter, they are a major part of any ensemble for the cold weather.


Once again, stop by our showroom on the 7th floor of Building 3 at the AmericasMart, or call us at 800-333-8682.