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Instagram: The New Runway

instagramrunwayWe recently partnered with Gifts and Dec to host a round table discussion with 12 amazing retailers to talk about where they look to learn about new products and trends. We learned that good reps are important but that “Instagram is the new runway.” Retailers no longer wait for fashion reports or trade shows. They see what their customers want through their Instagram feeds! Fads have become so short that they can start and end before you ever see the customer.

One retailer explained, “Instagram, is set up for my business. So, I can stand at the booth, take my notes in my phone, go back  later through my pictures, and then directly, with a button, click and say which vendors to follow up with.”

With the changing economy, gift retailers are also focusing their efforts on enhancing the customer experience by finding ways to make shopping fun and enjoyable. Promoting the message of “supporting local” among customers is important for gift retailers. Many of the retailers stated that their customer base will pay higher prices at their store because they want to ensure their business continues to thrive.

But the user experience starts long before they walk into your business. With 52% of consumers researching purchases online before shopping, the retail experience starts with your website and social sites. Instagram, is easy and can quickly communicate to a shopper that you carry products that relate to their lifestyle. So, if you aren’t already on Instagram, go check it out and see why it’s being called the “new runway.”

Where do you learn about new fashion, accessory and gift trends? Leave us a comment and let us know! And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

Extra! Extra! Vendors in the News

Our amazing vendor partners are often featured in magazines, gift guides and  on television shows. Here are some recent appearances. Click on the product image to learn more.








2018 Color Trends

Next year is about having fun by exploring your passions. The 2018 color palette contains both brights, like reds and yellows, and pastels, like soft mauves and blues. The tomato red we are seeing in a lot of the geometric patterns represents confidence, fun and attention-grabbing. Yellow is also the same kind of bold choice for color and is seen as both a traffic light bright and a flower petal pastel. On the softer side, the pastel mauves and hints of blue are both nostalgic and yet give the promise of a new era.

Textures and patterns for 2018 also have similar color combinations with the effect of stark geometric lines and, on the reverse, florals that can be as retro as grandma’s basement curtains.

These hues will compliment apparel and accessory combinations and will be seen throughout the home décor world.  What do you think of the 2018 color palettes? Let us know in the comments.


October Apparel Market Trend


Be on the look out at the October Apparel Market for intricate embroidery and floral patterns! Both are big on fall 2017 apparel and handbags and will remain so through spring 2018. The runway shows for spring 2018 spotlighted embroidery and floral designs running the gamut from dainty and subtle to colorful and attention grabbing.

Embroidered Shirt

At our Total Accessories showroom, there are lovely apparel items and handbags from Mary Frances, Coco + Carmen, Steve Madden and more. Come take a look during market, we’ll be happy to show you our beautiful embroidered and floral patterned items. Or, call our showroom for assistance at 404-523-4418. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about this trend.


Fall 2017 Handbag Trends

2017 trends patternsWell, fall 2017 accessories sure are exciting! Fall Fashion Week 2017 was brimming with patterns, so many that we’re not sure which one we like best. But, here are four that made quite a few appearances on the runways and in top fashion blogs: plaids, animal prints, florals and ruffles!

Don’t they sound fun? Handbags of all shapes and sizes are sporting these patterns. So, there is a style and a pattern for  everyone. Contact your rep and take a look at the latest from Accent Accessories and Chala.

Other trends this fall include fur, fringe, crazy graphics and over-the-top embellishments! I told you, fall is going to be so much fun! Take a look at our Pinterest board for more.

Pictured above, left to right: Tori Burch plaid, Ralph Lauren animal redpatternpurseprint, Ferretti floral, and Fendi ruffle.

April Atlanta Apparel Market! We’re Ready!

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Spring Handbag Trends 2017

Spring handbag styles are so much fun this season. You’ll see some of the fabulous fringe you saw in the fall but other than that, the styles are fresh and exciting. Here are some of the top handbag trends for spring 2017.


The Tiny Bag

A bag doesn’t have to be big to make a statement! Tiny handbags are hugely popular this season and though you can sondrarobertsminifit maybe some lip gloss and some change in these bags, they are in demand. Sondra Roberts has some irresistible Thumbelina bags this season. So does Coco + Carmen, of course!



The Cinch Bag

These less formal drawstring bags are perfect for carefree summer days and cococarmencinchgetaways. They typically have wide openings so you can throw in a swimsuit and a towel and be on your way. These bags are popping up in florals and metallics and other fun prints and trendy patterns. Coco + Carmen has a variety from which to choose.


The Floral Print Bag

sondrarobertsfloralFeminine and  pretty, these bags can add a little color to a basic wardrobe. A floral clutch can pair nicely with a dress or jeans this season.  You must see the Sondra Roberts florals as well as the richly embellished florals of Mary Frances bags –two distinctive floral looks for spring 2017!


Bag Add-Ons

Like I said, this is a fun season! Charms, scarves, and other cute add-cococarmencharmsons are on trend this spring. Tassels and furry pom poms, bold flowers and fruit and so many other fun and colorful (and fabulously frivolous) add-ons are available from Coco + Carmen.

Check out all these great styles and more at Sondra Roberts, Mary Frances, and Coco + Carmen.

Do you have a favorite handbag trend? Tell us in the comments!

Spring Jewelry Trends 2017

So many fun jewelry trends from last year like chokers, cuffs, tassels and wrap bracelets  have carried over to spring fashion this year and that’s good because we love them all! See our blog post, Fall Jewelry Trends 2016 to take a look at these. But, there are some exciting new trends as well.
One popular new trend is geode jewelry! This jewelry is one of the most widely seen trends this spring. Geodes are showing up on necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Elle shows large slices of geodes hanging from chunky chains; however, the geode trend ranges from smaller and delicate pieces like those in the Coco + Carmen’s Geode-Weave collection to big, bold and statement making geodes seen on the runways. Along the same lines, mineral and gemstone jewelry are also popular this season.
Below, right to left: Coco + Carmen geode necklaces and earrings, Anju fringe necklace, Accent Accessories tassel necklaces, and Bellaryann wraps and charm bracelets. Take a look at our Pinterest board to see more spring jewelry trends for 2017. And let us know what your favorite jewelry trend is! Leave us a comment.

Come See Us at the Apparel Market!

We’re looking forward to seeing you the the Apparel Market this week! Stop by Suite s7-114 and take a look at the latest Spring Styles!  Here’s the schedule:


February Atlanta Apparel Market

February 1-5, 2017


Wednesday, February 1 – Saturday, February 4: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Sunday, February 5: 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.


Wednesday, February 1 – Friday, February 3: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Saturday, February 4: 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.
NEW DATE PATTERN! Showrooms and temporaries will open on Wednesday. Showrooms will close Sunday at 3 p.m. Temporaries will close Saturday at 3 p.m.


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To Market! To Market!

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Come See Us In Atlanta!

It’s almost time for the Atlanta Apparel market! So, mark your calendars for February 1-5 and call your Total Accessories rep to make an appointment to stop by our showroom. Lots of show specials planned! We look forward to seeing you there!

Here’s what you need to know:

Where: AmericasMart Atlanta, Bldg. 2, S7-114

Find your rep here. Call and make an appointment!

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