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Fall 2017 Handbag Trends

2017 trends patternsWell, fall 2017 accessories sure are exciting! Fall Fashion Week 2017 was brimming with patterns, so many that we’re not sure which one we like best. But, here are four that made quite a few appearances on the runways and in top fashion blogs: plaids, animal prints, florals and ruffles!

Don’t they sound fun? Handbags of all shapes and sizes are sporting these patterns. So, there is a style and a pattern for  everyone. Contact your rep and take a look at the latest from Accent Accessories and Chala.

Other trends this fall include fur, fringe, crazy graphics and over-the-top embellishments! I told you, fall is going to be so much fun! Take a look at our Pinterest board for more.

Pictured above, left to right: Tori Burch plaid, Ralph Lauren animal redpatternpurseprint, Ferretti floral, and Fendi ruffle.

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Spring Handbag Trends 2017

Spring handbag styles are so much fun this season. You’ll see some of the fabulous fringe you saw in the fall but other than that, the styles are fresh and exciting. Here are some of the top handbag trends for spring 2017.


The Tiny Bag

A bag doesn’t have to be big to make a statement! Tiny handbags are hugely popular this season and though you can sondrarobertsminifit maybe some lip gloss and some change in these bags, they are in demand. Sondra Roberts has some irresistible Thumbelina bags this season. So does Coco + Carmen, of course!



The Cinch Bag

These less formal drawstring bags are perfect for carefree summer days and cococarmencinchgetaways. They typically have wide openings so you can throw in a swimsuit and a towel and be on your way. These bags are popping up in florals and metallics and other fun prints and trendy patterns. Coco + Carmen has a variety from which to choose.


The Floral Print Bag

sondrarobertsfloralFeminine and  pretty, these bags can add a little color to a basic wardrobe. A floral clutch can pair nicely with a dress or jeans this season.  You must see the Sondra Roberts florals as well as the richly embellished florals of Mary Frances bags –two distinctive floral looks for spring 2017!


Bag Add-Ons

Like I said, this is a fun season! Charms, scarves, and other cute add-cococarmencharmsons are on trend this spring. Tassels and furry pom poms, bold flowers and fruit and so many other fun and colorful (and fabulously frivolous) add-ons are available from Coco + Carmen.

Check out all these great styles and more at Sondra Roberts, Mary Frances, and Coco + Carmen.

Do you have a favorite handbag trend? Tell us in the comments!

Spring Jewelry Trends 2017

So many fun jewelry trends from last year like chokers, cuffs, tassels and wrap bracelets  have carried over to spring fashion this year and that’s good because we love them all! See our blog post, Fall Jewelry Trends 2016 to take a look at these. But, there are some exciting new trends as well.
One popular new trend is geode jewelry! This jewelry is one of the most widely seen trends this spring. Geodes are showing up on necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Elle shows large slices of geodes hanging from chunky chains; however, the geode trend ranges from smaller and delicate pieces like those in the Coco + Carmen’s Geode-Weave collection to big, bold and statement making geodes seen on the runways. Along the same lines, mineral and gemstone jewelry are also popular this season.
Below, right to left: Coco + Carmen geode necklaces and earrings, Anju fringe necklace, Accent Accessories tassel necklaces, and Bellaryann wraps and charm bracelets. Take a look at our Pinterest board to see more spring jewelry trends for 2017. And let us know what your favorite jewelry trend is! Leave us a comment.

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Easy Ways to Relax During the Holiday Season

The essence of joy ... you, me, being together in front of the a warm of a lovely fire ... #bliss #fabletics #wishitsweeps: We’re in the midst of the busiest shopping time of the year and your store is buzzing with activity all day. It’s fun but it can also be exhausting especially as you work long days and try to get ready for the holidays at home too. Here are some quick, easy ways to unwind and relax so that you are refreshed and ready to help all of your customers again tomorrow and throughout the holiday season.

Stock up on chocolate. Just ask us, chocolate is a beautiful comfort food! But, do you know that it is also a great calming food? It’s high in magnesium which is proven to help with relaxation. It also contains anandamine, a neurotransmitter which can help induce feelings of peace and calm. Ahhhhhhh. Chocolate raises endorphin levels too which is all the more reason to unwind with a delicious chocolate treat. Who knew there are so many good reasons to eat chocolate? Relax and enjoy!

Drink tea. There’s nothing like a calming cup of chamomile tea at the end of a long and stressful day. According to, “If you experience a long day and can’t seem to calm down, brew yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea with some added honey for a boost of nutrients.” Stay away from tea with caffeine in it and instead seek decaffeinated teas that combat stress like lavender tea, lemon balm tea and passionflower tea. So, put your feet up and sip a steamy cup of tea.

Take a brisk walk. Don’t have time to go to the gym? Take a quick walk instead. According to, walking triggers “the release of endorphins, potent brain chemicals that relieve pain and stimulate relaxation. Simply put, the higher your level of endorphins, the greater your sense of calm and well-being.” Of course the faster and farther you walk, the greater the benefits. But during this busy season, do what you can. Even a few minutes of exercise is better than nothing at all. Enjoy your walk!

Listen to music. Listening to your favorite music is one of the easiest ways to decrease stress. According to, “a burgeoning body of research proves the calming effects music has on your nerves.” They also report that research by the department of psychology at the University of South Alabama shows that listening to self-select music after a stressful event or day significantly reduces negative emotional states compared to sitting in silence. So, listen to your favorite music or the sounds of nature, like birds chirping or water sounds like waves clapping against the shore.

We would like to know your favorite way to relax. Tell us in the comments!

Fall Jewelry Trends 2016


Fall jewelry trends this year are varied —so eclectic. There’s something for everyone! Here, we’re going to focus on the top four jewelry trends seen on fashion sites and right in our showrooms at AmericasMart. At the top of our trend list this fall are chokers, tassels, layered necklaces and bracelets, and cuff bracelets. There are so many ways to wear these pieces. Let’s take a look.

Chokers. The 90’s choker look is back in almost every style and material imaginable. But, an especially popular version of the choker has a twist. You’ll often hear them referred to as scarf chokers because they are wrapped around the neck and hang loose at the ends. They are making appearances in ribbon, leather and chain. See our catalogs for Nakamol Chicago and Coco+Carmen to look at more versions of these stunning necklaces. The choker/collar also made a big showing at Fall Fashion Week. Anju has some amazing mixed metal pieces for fall.


Layers and stacks. Layered sets of necklaces and bracelets are popular this fall. We are seeing sets of delicate chained necklaces and also an eclectic mix of elements and metals to create the look. They are being sold in sets; some are connected, but others are not. This gives the customer so many options to create different looks. Bracelets are seen in stacks and wraps. Call them arm candy. Or, call them arm parties. It’s a great look.


Tassels.Tassels are big on both handbags and jewelry this fall. They are showing up in leather, cloth, plastic and metal. You’ll see them in all sizes and colors and even hanging from the scarf chokers that we mentioned above. It’s the year of the tassel, so it seems!


Cuff bracelets. Cuff bracelets of all widths are being worn over sleeves and gloves. Mixed metal cuffs are popular as are open cuff bangles with earthy stones on each end. Even wearing multiple cuff bracelets is quite on trend. Anju has so many designs to choose from in metals and also in leather.


Go swoon over even more fall jewelry trends included on our Pinterest board. The Fashionisers provide a great overview of this fall’s trendiest trends. What’s your favorite jewelry trend? Tell us in the comments!

Photo credits: InStyle, The Fashionisers, Nakamol Chicago, Anju, Coco + Carmen

Fall Handbag Trends 2016

stevenmodelThere are so many fun handbag trends this fall that no matter what style you prefer, it has probably hit a trend list from at least one of the many fashion bloggers and magazines. However, there are four trends that appear across the board that you won’t want to miss this season.

Tassels. Whether a handbag has one tassel or several, it doesn’t matter as long as there’s one somewhere on the bag. Tassels made a big showing at New York Fashion Week this fall and they’re showing up on the sides of purses, in the center, and on the straps. Some designers have incorporated an entire row of tassels across the front closure. Multicolored tassels are also popular and playful this year. The Purse Blog highlights some of the best tasseled bags seen during Fashion Week. The perfectly tassled Melie Bianco bags pictured below are great sellers!


Embroidery, Embellishments, and Appliques. These design features make it a fun and colorful season for handbags. Some designers have used all three design elements on one purse creating little works of art, feasts for the eyes. The handbag becomes the centerpiece of the outfit! The look is gem encrusted, bright floral embellishments, and optical illusions. The Mary Frances bags below embody this style.

maryfrancesduoCross Body Bags. This handbag style is always available, but this fall, bags of all shapes, sizes and styles are being shown as cross body bags. And according to, the shorter the straps the better so that the bag sits between the underarm and the upper hip bone. See our Pinterest board for examples of this trend. Several fashion bloggers have suggested that the look can be created by simply converting typical shoulder bags to cross body bags. Nevertheless, this chic look appeared often in the fall runway shows and the trend is making its way to the streets. Ili offers colorful cross body bags like the two pictured below.

ilicollagefinalSaddle Bags. They keeping coming back! This fall, saddle bags are most often seen in traditional brown leather, but some designers, like Coach, are showing them in tiny floral patterns or covered in flower appliques. Most designers have their own versions of the seventies style saddle bag. In fact, several saddle bags made the top “50 Standout Bags” list on The great thing about this bag style is that it can easily encompass the other top trends like tassels, embroidery and the cross body style. So, you may just have the perfect fall bag if it’s a cross body style saddle bag with tassels and embroidery! Two saddle bags from Steven are pictured below.


Ask your rep about the handbags available from Coco + Carmen, Mary Frances, Steven, Ili, Melie Bianco, and more and be sure to check out our Pinterest board for these and other exciting fall handbag trends. What’s your favorite handbag style? Let us know in the comments!